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Standard door fitting

Article number 270XPIX01130

HEWI Standard door fitting with escutcheons
stainless steel, Black deep matt powder-coated, Rosettes in matt stainless steel, Rose insert made of matt black polyamide, flat rosette, Class 4 according to use category DIN EN 1906, Class 0 according to fire protection category DIN 18273, 21.3 mm diameter.
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Interior door sets with escutcheons
with flat roses according to DIN 18255 and EN 1906 and inlay made of black matt polyamide, consisting of:
Lever handle Model 271XPM in L-shape made of stainless steel (1.4301), black deep matt powder-coated, neck diameter 21.3 mm, length 145 mm, with stepped shoulder guide and set screw M5 as additional fixing of lever and spindle, for optimal transfer of force to door leaf.
Flat lever rose and escutcheons, 306.23XI..., round, diameter 52 mm, 4.0 mm high. Concealed, non-loosening connection: fixed rotating bearing of the lever handle and the roses, and support pin that dips into the door leaf. Fast and easy assembly by latching in preassembled assemblies.
Rose material made of stainless steel (1.4301) matt,
Rose insert made of matt black polyamide
Designed and tested for the projects segment, user category to EN 1906 - Grade 4
Durability: Grade 7
Door weight: No classification specified
Fire resistance: Grade 0
Safety: Grade 1
Corrosion resistance: Grade 4
Security: Grade 0
Type of operation: U
Fitting type
Standard door fittings
DCDC (matt black)
Door thickness
38,1 - 48,0 mm
8 mm
BL - blind ohne Schlüsselloch
Color inlay
90jet black
article number EAN
270XPIX01130 DC
Floor to wall stationary support
Round rose