HEWI active+ Push/pull handle set


Product information

made of high-quality polyamide in HEWI color 98 (signal white), and antimicrobial active micro silver, with steel core diameter 33 mm, closed oval, height 400 mm, width 105 mm, backplates made of metal with polyamide cap, maintenance-free plain bearings, mechanical adjustment for the pull handle. Fast installation on the door due to already preassembled pull handles on the bottom section.
Suitable as operating element on doors to DIN 18040, with accessibility function within operating range at 850 mm above FFL.
Installation in pairs, function in opening direction - push, function in opposite direction - pull, with continuous spindle.

Technical specifications

Material and colour


  • DIN 18040-1
  • "Ü" sign fire door fitting
  • EN 179
  • Fire protection
  • HEWI active+


HEWI colour chart
Installation instructions (de, en, fr, nl, it, es, pl)
Product Data Sheet
Tender specifications
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spindle 8 mm - no classification
spindle 9 mm
Designed and tested for projects, classification to EN 179
Category of use: Class 3
Durability: Class 7
Door mass: Class 6
Use on smoke/fire doors: Class 0, A or B
Safety - personal security: Class 1
Corrosion resistance: Class 3
Security - burglary protection: Class 2
Projection of operating element: Class 1
Type of operation: B
Field of door application: Class A, B, C or D

The classification results only in connection with the lock according to EN 179, for example, BKS, Fuhr or Fliether The selected combinations are assigned freely and do not have to take on a lock manufacturer.
For more information, contact HEWI or the lock manufacturer!
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