HEWI Shower grab rail with sideways adjustable vertical support bar and shower head holder


Picture shows item in color 92 (anthracite gray)
Picture shows item in color 92 (anthracite gray)
Picture shows item in color 92 (anthracite gray)

Product information

  • made of high-quality chrome-look coated polyamide that is warm to touch
  • vertical and horizontal rails joined to form an L shape and fitted with rose fixings and a shower head holder
  • with vertical rail with shower head holder that can be moved to the side (for installation)
  • used in the shower and bathtub area to grip on to and for support
  • vertical length 1100 mm, horizontal lengths (corner mounted) 762 mm respectively
  • 88 mm deep, clear distance to the wall 55 mm, bar diameter 33 mm, rose diameter 70 mm
  • suitable for shower heads of various manufacturers
  • shower head holder made of high-quality polyamide in HEWI colour 92 (anthracite grey)
  • shower head holder can be continuously tilted and, after pulling or pushing a large lever, its height can be adjusted
  • conical adapter on shower head holder makes it easier to hook in the shower head
  • with continuous, corrosion resistant steel core
  • for wall mounting with special HEWI fixing materials and roses
  • can be mounted in left-hand or right-hand position
  • suitable for HEWI hanging seats 900.51..., 950.51..., 802.51... und 801.51...100 (only on W2)

Technical specifications

Material and colour
Chrome-look coated polyamide
Shower head holder
Alternative surface/color
Chrome-look coated polyamide
Shower head holder




HEWI colour chart
Installation instructions (de, en, fr, nl, it, es, pl, no, dk, se)
2D drawing
Product Data Sheet
Tender specifications
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