HEWI Hinged support rail Duo WARM TOUCH


900 mm projection

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Product information

  • with two gripping levels arranged above each other
  • upper rail is merged with the top rail at an angle of 135┬░
  • upper rail (diameter 33 mm) for holding on to and providing support
  • bottom rail (diameter 25 mm) starts at a distance of 250 mm from the front edge of the upper rail and is used for holding on to and for turning in from the side
  • 900 mm projection, wall mounting plate 181 mm high and 130 mm wide
  • can be folded upwards and, folded downwards with braking mechanism
  • made of high-quality chrome-look coated polyamide that is warm to touch
  • with continuous anti-corrosion steel core and integrated wall mounting plate made of steel with cover made of chrome-look coated polyamide
  • stable three-point fixing
  • for wall mounting with concealed, non-corrosive and tested fixing materials for different wall systems (must be ordered separately)
  • with toilet roll holder 950.50.01050, toilet roll holder with WC flushing mechanism and function button (radio-controlled) 950.50.06290 (right), 950.50.06390 (left), and floor supports 950.50.020XA, 950.50.025XA and 950.50.026XA for retrofitting
  • CE marking according to Directive 93/42 / EEC
  • fulfils the ├ľNORM B1600/1601 requirements
  • weight capacity 100 kg

Supplied only with wall-specific HEWI fixing material (Stainless steel).

Technical specifications

Material and colour
Chrome-look coated polyamide


  • CE mark


HEWI colour chart
Fixing Types
Drill holes
Installation instructions (de, en, fr, nl, it, es, pl, no, dk, se)
2D drawing
3D drawing
Product Data Sheet
Tender specifications
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Design Awards

  • universal design expert favorite 2013
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