HEWI prewall installation WC III


manual actuation plate

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Product information

  • Prewall element for electrically height-adjustable WC for expansion modules with manual actuation plate
  • Side outlet on the right (incl. adapter DN90/DN110, rubber adapter for sawn-off collar DN90/DN110 and adapter PVC DN90/D:100)
  • maximum distance from the riser: 4 m
  • Controlled by radio remote control (included in scope of supply)
  • Continuously adjustable by 150 mm (seat height approx. 425 - 575 mm)
  • Adaptable initial height due to adjustable floor supports, e.g. to accessibility seat height of 460 - 480 mm
  • Dimensions: W: 726 mm, H 1355 - 1505 mm, D 210 - 240 mm
  • Floor support, vertically adjustable by 150 mm
  • Made of steel, powder coated
  • Maximum user weight: 150 kg
  • Including OLI120 Plus dual-flush cistern, 6/3 litres (adaptable to 4/2 - 7/3 litres) with pneumatic operation
  • Can be retrofitted with wall-mounted hinged-support rails (add-on kit for pre-equipping with HEWI hinged-support rail: S50.02.000..., to be ordered separately)
  • Incl. floor and wall-fixing material for concrete and solid calcium silicate (lime-sand) masonry units
  • Sound isolation of all pipes and the installation element from the building structure, approval to DIN 4109, ├ľNorm B 8115 and SIA 181 in preparation
  • Water connection 1/2"
  • CE marking according to EMC 2004/108/EC


  • CE mark


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Planning Information
Video HEWI S 50 WC
Video Mountingshell construction
Video Mounting Development Phase
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