HEWI Protective fitting ES1 without cylinder cover

Lever handle design 111.23


Product information

in polyamide-steel composite, burglar resistant to DIN 18257-ES1, for profiled cylinder (PZ and KABA), lock anti-drill protection through sandwich construction.
Internal backplate in R technology to DIN 18255 and EN 1906, made of polyamide, glossy surface, consisting of:
Backplate substructure made of synthetic material-stainless steel composite, can be used for left and right-hand opening doors. Fixed rotating bearing of the lever handle with automatically latching all-round locking and 5 mm journal as maintenance-free plain bearing with elastic compensating area and second journal in the neck of the lever handle. Concealed, non-loosening screwed joint with M6 screw and sleeve combination as well as the pivot disappearing into the door leaf.
Backplate cover cap made of polyamide, through-dyed, external backplate: 55 x 200 mm, 15 mm high, internal backplate: 55 x 200 mm, 13 mm high, concave, 1.5 mm wall thickness for both backplate caps. Cylinder projections on the external backplate from 10 - 15 mm.
Lever handle design 111.23 made of polyamide with continuous steel core up to the end of the lever handle, through-dyed, 23 mm diameter, with stepped shoulder guide and latching groove, with grubscrew M5, for additional fixing of the door lever handle on the square spindle. Installed by simply latching the lever handle into the base parts preassembled on the door.
The latching can be released using the dismantling tool. The lever handle meets EN 179 and DIN 18040 standards.

Technical specifications

Material and colour


  • DIN 18040-1
  • PIV
  • "Ü" sign fire door fitting
  • EN 179
  • Fire protection
  • Keinbruch-Pruefsiegel


HEWI colour chart
Certificates lock manufacturers DIN EN 179
Installation instructions (de)
Product Data Sheet
Tender specifications
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Ordering information

Ordering information
  • Door thickness
  • Lever spindle
  • Keyway
  • Distance
  • Colour

In so far as only the item number is provided when ordering, we assume the following standard configuration is required:
Fire door fitting: door thickness = 48 mm, square spindle = 9 mm, keyway PZ, distance = 72 mm
These fittings cannot be exchanged
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