HEWI Window handle


for windows with tilt before turn function Surface finish: A = satin


Product information

lockable, stainless steel, ø 21,3 mm, lever held by spring clip at 90°, backplate with steel body
and alignment lugs, fixing screws protected against unauthorized removal, snap on cover, spindle 7 mm square, cylinder with 5 pins, lockable in all positions.

Types of locking
a) Various locking types: each locking cylinder requires a separate key (2 keys supplied per handle).
b) Single locking type: all locking cylinders can be locked using the same key.

Technical specifications

Material and colour


HEWI colour chart
Installation instructions (de, en, fr, nl, it, es, pl)
Product Data Sheet
Tender specifications
Download everything

Ordering information

ordering information
  • Item Number
  • Spindle length: spindle length outstanding
  • DIN-direction: K-Model
  • Type of locking
Locking no.: e.g. expansion of existing buildings

In so far as only the item number is provided when ordering, we assume the following standard configuration is required:

1. Window handle (standard) „...FG...“ :
preceding spindle length = 30 mm, latching = 90°

2. Window handle lockable „...FGA...“ :
preceding spindle length = 30 mm, latching = 90°
Type of locking = keyed alike, Keying number = freely selectable
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