System 111

Matt edition | Polyamide

Material bicolor roses

  • Stainless steel
  • PVD

Fitting type

  • Standard door fittings
  • Vacant/engaged fittings
  • Apartment door fittings
  • Fire door fittings
  • Apartment fire door fittings
  • Half fittings with security escutcheon
  • Standard door fittings for framed doors
  • Half fittings for framed doors
  • Standard glass door fittings
  • Lever handle fitting

Function element

  • Lever Handles | Knobs
  • Roses
  • Security escutcheons
  • Knob half fittings

Functional fitting

  • Handles
  • Emergency door fittings to EN 179
  • Push/Pull handles according to EN 179

Floor to wall stationary support

  • Round rose
  • Oval rose
  • Backplate, short
  • without rose


  • R-technology | Class 4
  • H-technology | Class 4
  • bicolor
  • mini roses | Class 4


  • not lockable
  • lockable
  • lockable, tilt before turn function

Fixing type - position

  • onesided
  • in pairs

Fixing type - door assembly

  • Wood, synthetic material- or 2-3 chamber-aluminum-profile., fire protection profiles
  • Wood, synthetic material- or 1-3 chamber-aluminum-profile.
  • Glass
  • Wood, synthetic material, aluminum-or steel door rose fixing

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