HEWI Rail with vertical support bar and shower head holder, special length


high risk product A1: min. 600 mm, max. 1250 mm W1/W2: min. 475 mm, max. 1800 mm

Picture shows item in colour 97 (light grey)

Product information

  • vertical and horizontal bars joined at right-angles with fixing roses, bent upward at 45° angle
  • rail with shower head holder can be pushed to the side (for installation)
  • the form of the upper curve makes it difficult to fix ropes or cords at the top
  • bottom fixing point should be installed on a height of 850 mm maximum
  • shower head holder can be tilted and adjusted in height continuously
  • with continuous, corrosion resistant steel core
  • incl. non-corrosive HEWI fixing materials
  • can be mounted in left hand or right hand position
  • if mounted on lightweight walls, rear lining made of laminated timber boards at least 20 mm thick is required
  • vertical length made-to-measure from 600 mm to 1250 mm, horizontal lengths (corner mounting) made-to-measure from 475 mm to 1800 mm, 90 mm deep, rail diameter 33 mm, rose diameter 70 mm
  • suitable for HEWI removable hanging seat
  • made of high-quality polyamide according to HEWI colour chart

Please indicate center-to-center dimension A1, W1 and W2 when ordering. A1 is always mounted on W1.

Technical specifications

Material and colour


HEWI colour chart
Installation instructions (de, en, fr, nl, it, es, pl, no, dk, se)
Product Data Sheet
Tender specifications
Download everything

Design Awards

  • German Design Award 2014 - Special Mention
  • universal design expert favorite 2013

Ordering information

From an center distance W2 = 1200 mm has the shower grab rail a centrally positioned, additional wall mounting.
Note during installation: intervals between supports may not exceed 850 mm.


A rear lining is required for installation with rose fixings on lightweight walls, e.g. laminated timber boards > 20 mm thick. Supplied BM211 with fixing material.
Technical information subject to alteration
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